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I made a thing. It’s Klaine fanart based on Auburn song “Perfect Two” :)

"Like, oh my god, happy Superbowling guys!"

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what if one day sherlock asked john to dig out a trunk full of his old school things to get something relevant to a case and john found the military magazines sherlock used to read guiltily under the covers, and when john held them up with a raised eyebrow sherlock blushed and then john pinned him to the mattress and made sherlock tell him everything he used to fantasize about while slowly taking him apart (



Chris Colfer + “7-month-year-old”

Chris Colfer + have you slept at all in 2014

This is why I can never have kids. My instagrams would annoy so many people.


Some quick anti-UKIP posters I made. This is the sort of thing that needs to happen on a larger scale in order to stop UKIP winning the general elections.


this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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favorite character meme
                       one character (Arrowverse!Barry Allen)


it was only a matter of time…


Just imagine Halloween + Sherlock’s military kink

Like Molly has a Halloween party and insists they come and John is a lil shit and wears his military uniform because he knows it’ll drive Sherlock crazy. And Sherlock just sits there and tries not to look at John because it makes him blush and not to think about the things they’ll do when they get home but keeps failing and stuttering and saying “What? Sorry” and John just sits there and smirks at him all night.


"John, Lestrade and Molly won’t be happy if we’re late," Sherlock complains, tugging at his vintage pirate outfit. "You are the one who insisted we go to this Hallowe’en gathering, John, and I —"

Sherlock freezes when he sees John, dressed in his military uniform.

“I couldn’t find anything else,” John explains, but, as ever, he’s horrible at hiding the smirk in his voice.

“John,” Sherlock lets out a strangled gasp and does a half-lunge towards him, but John stops him with a gentle hand to the chest that does nothing to stop his arousal.

“You said we’d be late, remember?”

Sherlock whimpers at the horribly attractive smugness in John’s voice.
It’s all he can do to keep himself from jumping John right there, and every second of the party seems like pure torture. The others don’t mention anything, but they must notice Sherlock’s obvious discomfort and pure torture.

John, meanwhile, just sits there and smirks, achingly close but yet so far away.

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if darren criss and dianna agron made a baby it would have absolutely not a single flaw and would probably be immortal